Internet is impressed with Deepika Paukone’s doppelganger

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The internet has found a lookalike of Deepika Padukone and it’s Rijuta Ghosh Deb. This digital content creator closely resembles the Cocktail star and fans can’t stop making comparisons.

It might seem uncanny but not only Rijuta has similar resemblance to Deepika Padukone, but also her husband looks a lot like Deepika’s husband and actor Ranveer Singh. This has left many users absolutely in disbelief and they took to Twitter to comment, “Is it Deepika’s twin?” One user reacted to their lovey-dovey pictures with a hilarious comment, and wrote, “Deepika ke hamsakal to haii ab ladke bhi Ranveer ke jaisa hi khoja hai.” After which, multiple people started calling them ‘Ranveer Deepika’.

Another fan of Deepika wrote, “Absolutely stunning.. you have glimpse of deepika padukone.” Many other comments echoed this sentiment, praising her looks and expressions.

Reportedly, Rijuta lives in Kolkata. On June 28, 2022, Rijuta had shared a series of pictures with her alleged boyfriend.

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