Bengali actress Aindrila Sharma suffers multiple cardiac arrests, put on ventilator

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Bengali actor Aindrila Sharma is in a critical condition. Reportedly, the actress has suffered multiple heart attacks and was given CPR. The hospital sources inform Aindrila is presently on ventilator support and her condition is extremely critical.

According to Aindrila’s latest CT scan, after the first surgery, there are further blood clots in the brain on the opposite side. The doctors have informed the media that the clots are so small in size that surgery isn’t possible. However, the doctors have administered a fresh dose of medicine and new antibiotics to deal with the clots. Meanwhile, her infection level is also high.

On Monday, Aindrila’s boyfriend Sabyasachi Chowdhury took to Facebook and requested fans to pray for a miracle. The Bamakhyapa actor wrote, “I never thought that I would write this here. However, today is the day. Pray for Aindrila. Pray for a miracle. Pray for the supernatural. She is fighting against all odds, beyond human (sic).”

Sabyasachi has always been by Aindrila’s side on her every journey. From the time Aindrila was detected with cancer to her recovery, Sabyasachi has been a constant support. But early this month, Aindrila, who was declared cancer-free twice, suffered a massive brain stroke and underwent brain surgery to remove the blood clots. The actress has been in a coma since then. Sabyasachi did not leave her side not once.

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